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London, United Kingdom
We are looking for canvas promoters, which can post on their platforms Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, if you wish to become a promoter you will receive the "Never Quit"  Canvas at a discounted rate of 50% off and your friends and family will get 15% 🔥
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What we are looking for
Here's abit more information
  • Photos with you and your  new canvas to make the canvas more familiar with your friends and followers having a picture with you and the canvas is a great way to create the connection. 
  • The coolest most wildest photo - Instagram is photo friendly for the most creativity pictures being creative is in your hands find ways to make your post stand out it will defiantly be posted on to platforms.
  • Hashtag #bossthingsapparel #bossthingstm #bossthingsfamily - don't forget to hashtag to show where you belong!
  • Top quality pictures get posted on our Instagram.
  • Shoutouts Guaranteed on our Instagram Stories, Instagram Post Snapchat and Facebook.
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rita sanz
The smart way to and consistent way to stay disciplined..

Being around the right influences getting rid off any toxic unhappy people who are not on the same mission as you.
Be around high energy optimistic people.
Becoming great at what we do - mastering the skills, gaining the knowledge, learning and practicing. When we get to a stage of mastery problems never seem like problems only challenges that excite us. Our minds become more alive and creative.
What are you consuming?
Listen and watch the right things in order to keep you on track.
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