"winners never quit and quitters never win." 
Ambassador programme 2019 
a word from us..
Winning sometimes isn't always instant. Most people are looking for instant gratification in order to win and keep winning we must remember "Winners Never Quit" giving up is never an option can be comforting but most defiantly leads to deeper frustrations.

The best way to handle frustrations is to keep going and tackle obstacles head on. Never has a quitter won. Hold yourself accountable and join the team today.🔥
what does it entail?
We are looking for canvas promoters, which can post on their platforms Facebook, Instagram or  Snapchat, If you wish to become a promoter you will receive item the Never Quit Canvas at a discounted rate of 50% off and a friends and family code of 15% off 🔥
How Should i promote ?
Promoting should always be natural and personalised. Taking pictures of yourself and the canvas is the best way to promote and your friends and family will be able to identify with the canvas which makes them more familiar with the canvas.

If you feel more comfortable without a picture of yourself and the canvas then posting a picture of the canvas up on your wall with your friends and family code underneath it will be perfect with a catchy phrase. Make sure to tag and hashtag us on Instagram.🔥
does my picture get posted on your platforms?
This has been highly requested and yes they do! The best high quality pictures will be posted on our Instagram stories/page and also Snapchat.
Make the post spectacular 🔥
· size: a2 - 24 x 18 inches
· canvas depth 1.5 inches

ways to stay disciplined

Being around the right influences getting rid off any toxic unhappy people who do not have the same mission as you.
Be around high energy optimistic people.

Daily Disciplines
Consistently doing something in the direction of our goals day in day out gives us strength.
Every little helps do something everyday that helps achieve your goal.

What are you consuming?
Listen and watch the right things in order to keep us on track.

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